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Since April 2004, Arrest History has provided customers with accurate background checks at a savings of MILLIONS of dollars over other sites and companies.

Unlimited Use

Arrest History charges one annual price … $399.00! For that, you have unlimited use of the site to do as many checks as you need. Many sites and companies charge you a fixed cost per search, even if there are no records. With Arrest History, your annual subscription allows you to use the site without limitation on the number of searches you can perform.


Our customers include employment agencies, boards of education, police departments, healthcare (visiting and nursing facilities), private investigators, attorneys, bail bondsmen and bail enforcement agents, banks, child care facilities, car dealers, volunteer fire and ambulance services and much more!

Ease of Use

With our site, once you are a member, you will be able to instantly look-up criminal convictions that occurred in the State of Connecticut. The records are returned right to your screen. There is no waiting for hours for someone to get back to you. The records include the subjects full name, birth date, date of arrest, charges, address, arresting agency, sentence, docket number, description of the individual and more. In many cases, a Department of Correction mug shot is available if the person served prison time.

Additional Databases

Originally, Arrest History was planned to contain only criminal convictions. Since its inception, other databases were added to the site. This includes any traffic tickets that a person was issued and paid, a searchable database of all Connecticut registered voters, Businesses registered with the state, over 3,000,000 motor vehicle tax assessment records and a database containing over 300,000,000 reverse telephone records for business, residence and cell phones which is updated daily.

Conviction Monitoring Service

You can input a list of names and birth dates and those names will be monitored for new convictions and traffic tickets. Every time Arrest History is updated, the new convictions will appear on the list of the names you are monitoring. This work saving feature will free up you or your employees from constantly having to re-enter names to see if there are new convictions of employees. Just click on a button once a month and any new convictions will appear.