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About Arrest History

Arrest History was created in 2004. At the time, there was no way for a person or business to get an accurate record check on an individual throughout Connecticut. Police departments can only provide information about their own records, not statewide. The system that the police use in Connecticut is referred to as the COLLECT system and it may only be used for law enforcement investigations or for law enforcement agency employment. Using my experience in computers and records, I created Arrest History as a way to provide fast access to these records.  This site is maintained by me personally. I update the site monthly, I respond to your e-mails and take/return your phone calls.  You will not be dealing with a large corporation where you cannot get in touch with anyone to answer your questions.

Arrest History was created to provide users with a way to instantly check if a person has a criminal conviction in Connecticut. The site was created at a time when dial-up modems were the main way people connected to the Internet. Because of the slow connections, the site was made as simple and as functional as possible. The same simple interface is continued to be used today. There are no fancy flashing screens, no pop-ups, no advertisements or any “bloat” that will slow down your computer. The main search pages on the site have been the same for 11 years. Nothing frustrates users more than getting used to the way a site works then having the site be “updated” every few months for a better “user experience.”