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Contents of Databases

Arrest History contains several databases that can be useful to members:

SPRC – An abbreviation for State Police Record Check, this database is a compilation of convictions that the state police have records for, dating back to the 1930s. Within the law enforcement system in Connecticut, this would be referred to as “COLLECT”.

CRMV – The Criminal/Motor Vehicle database contains records from the Connecticut court system and includes conviction records for felony and misdemeanors as well as convictions for more serious motor vehicle offenses.

TRAFFIC TICKETS – This database contains uncontested traffic tickets that people paid as well as traffic tickets that were challenged in court but there was a finding of guilt.

MUG SHOTS – Digital photographs of people who have been incarcerated as a result of a conviction. If the conviction is very old and the person has not been arrested since, no photograph may be here as the images at the time were taken on film.

VOTER DATABASE – Registered voters in the State of Connecticut, searchable by name or by street and town.

BUSINESS DATABASE – LLC and INC businesses in Connecticut searchable by name, street or owner name.

REVERSE PHONE LOOK UP – over 300,000,000 records of business, residential and cell phone records.